Julius by Design

by Kara Lee Corthron

  • directed by Debbie Saivetz
  • July 5th 2011 – July 24th 2011
  • Access Theater

Corthron’s dedication to revealing emotional states as forthrightly as she can shines through in nearly every scene.
—Village Voice

Graceful and at times humorous. Kara Lee Corthron showcases the complexity of grief. I’d suggest checking this production out.

Quirky, funny and touching.
—New York Beacon

  • Set Design: Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams
  • Sound Design: Rodrigo Espinosa
  • Lighting Design: Scott Bolman
  • Costume Design: Jessica Gaffney
  • Props: John McDermott
  • Graphic Design: Kyle Missimer
  • Stage manager: Carolina Arboleda


  • Suzzanne Douglas
  • Crystal Finn
  • Johnny Ramey
  • Christianna Nelson
  • Mike Hodge
  • Press Representative: Sam Rudy Media Relations
  • Associate Producer: Bess Rowen
  • Marketing: Katie Kozlowski
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Joe Cilio
  • Assistant Director: Brandon Monokian
  • Assistant Set Designer: Luke Eisemann
  • Assistant Props: Brenna English-Loeb
  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Maximillian Osaben
  • Assistant Costume Designer: John Marrazzo
  • Production Assistants: Adrienne M. Schaffler, Hee-Won Kim, Sarah Tomberlin