three ways to help

We want theater to reflect the diversity of the city we live in. We need your help to make that happen. Here are three easy ways you can help:

1. Sign up for our mailing list

Really. Getting the word out when we put on events is crucial. By signing up for our mailing list and forwarding our newsletter to your friends, you make a difference. While you are at it, why not join our Facebook page?

2. Join our affinity group, the Catalytic Agents

The Fulcrum is recruiting an energized community of supporters that will help us shape the future of our nation’s theater. When you sign up to be a Catalytic Agent you will be invited to perform special missions. All missions are voluntary, but should you choose to perform them you will begin to receive treats such as free tickets, invitations to special events and other goodies. Sample missions include organizing specially priced group outings to see our shows, recruiting others to join our mailing list, or hosting house parties to help us raise money (we’ll supply a guest playwright if you like). We want to combine community, art and pleasure—and change theater in New York in the process. Think you have what it takes? Write us at

3. Donate

Donations in any amount will be used to pay for our productions. We’ve engineered this company so it doesn’t have a full-time staff and doesn’t rent office space. If you want your money to make the largest artistic impact possible, then we’re the theater company for you. And remember: the number of donors is as important to us as what they can afford to give. Every dollar counts.